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I Am What You See
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Life Is Complicated
Still Lifes
Shapes Appear
There Are Forests in the Mind
Some Thoughts Are Gardens


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Robert Greenwood

Bob, as the first recipient of the Ina A. Bolser Scholarship for four years of full tuition, studied art history, painting and sculpture at Dartmouth College, graduating with Highest Honors in the major, in 1963, cum laude, and wining the coveted Alberta Ames Award for Art History, as well as being a Rufus Choate Scholar for three of his four years at Dartmouth. He also was honored with the Marcus Heiman Award in Theatre Arts in 1962. He continued with full-tuition scholarships at the Yale University School of Drama, graduating with High Honors. as an MFA candidate in 1967, in acting, directing and design.


Bob has taught visual, theatrical and sculptural arts in 24 of the 27 countries to which he has travelled with Sun.Ergos, A Company of Theatre and Dance. He continues to teach workshops in the visual and theatrical arts in residencies throughout Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan. He has taught professional development to teachers and artists in Western Canada, California, Washington, Idaho, Montana, in Scotland, England, Austria, Croatia, Slovakia, Singapore and Iran.